Impact Goals

Beyond the immediate objective of this prize (to incentivize technological breakthroughs in the development of community-scale, localized wastewater treatment and resource recovery solutions) what are the impact goals that would be audacious but achievable for this prize?

We are looking at setting targets for:

    A certain number of liters of treated and reusable wastewater; and A certain amount of value from extracted materials.

Are these the right high-level goals for this prize? Are there other metrics we should be tracking?

What would meaningful, audacious targets to set both globally or just in terms of teams coming out of this prize by 2030?

@SonyaD, @csadoff, @AquaDoc, @lauradosshertz, @clipchin, @Tomer_Cultivaid, can I ask for your advise on this?

We are trying to figure out what are audacious - but realistic - impact goals to set for this prize.

That is to say, we assume the prize is funded, launched, and successful. Several teams reach the final stage of the competition, in which they demonstrate a pilot-scale, decentralized, black to fit-for-purpose water reuse system that is energy-efficient and optimizes resource recovery from wastewater. One team wins. By 2030, how many more liters of water will be treated and reused thanks to the XPRIZE?