I do not understand if XPRIZE proposes monetary help to the 8 proposals or just the final winner?

I like the terms you propose and really do think you are on a very well-constructed path (community engagement and restores area), but I could not understand from the proposed timeline if you offer any economical help for the 8 proposals during the process or just to one selected proposal at the end of the selection process?

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@DanSelz, could you answer Nuphar’s question?

@Nuphar Yes there will be milestone prize awards for the 8 finalists, and possibly support for the semifinalists before a demonstration round. Thanks.

Hi @Nuphar! Thanks for the review and your question. Yes, absolutely we are intending to offer economic help in the form of milestone awards to teams as they progress through the competition.

We are still working to determine the final amounts, but the idea is that as a first milestone, we’d ask teams to submit a technical proposal. We would then judge these proposals to pick the 20 best candidates and award them a small amount of money to further their work.

After these 20 teams build a prototype and demonstrate that, we would then pick the 8 most promising teams to advance to the final, large scale restoration phase and at that point, we would award each a larger milestone award to sustain their work during the two year finals.

Hope that helps clarify. Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Hi @NickOttens @DanSelz @Nuphar & @mattmulrennan! I think its amazing idea to incentive and supply value along the process. It will allow teams to stay motivated and also give them the financial support to explore new ideas and methods that they will be able to incorporate into the bigger overall project. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the conversation ??