How to enable young children with access to education?

Hi, as a newbie please apologize in case this questions already been asked.
I’m not part of an NGO or charity organization, but doing regular trips to rural places in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines or Indonesia to help local communities. Usually, for logistics and identifying the needy people, I got help from local authorities and friends.
During my last trip to the biggest refugee camp in Bangladesh, I had the idea of providing access to education, especially for young children in those camps. So, how could a collaboration with XPRZE look like for enabling those communities with education hardware/software?

Thanks @ekrem for reaching out, we’d love to connect you to some of our Learning Alums and see if there’s a fit.

Hi @Sooinn_Kitkit, @talapadi, @joshpowe, @Jack_Mostow, @andrew, @vinodlobo, @planda75, @jaguilera19, @CoreyClark, @ammasprema, @frankho, @danarozier, @danroy, @key2xanadu and @drewrobinson - I would like to draw your attention to Ekrem’s post, wherein he is interested in helping refugee camp kids in Bangladesh with access to education and seeking collaboration for enabling these communities with education hardware/software. If you are interested in this opportunity, please connect with Ekrem. Thanks.

@ekrem, Kitkit School was a part of International Rescue Committee (IRC)'s mobile pop-up learning project. We made Kitkit School English language version with Rohingya language video instruction. The project is paused because of COVID-19 and we are looking forward to coming back to the field.

@ekrem, thanks for sharing about your trips. Take a look at, and you can select “Pilot Request” to request a pilot for you. Mention XPRIZE Community in the description section at the bottom. We would be happy to provide a pilot. Note: students would use smartphones to complete lessons, so as long as those are available from parents or the community. – Vinod, Learning Upgrade

Thanks @Sooinn_Kitkit and @vinodlobo.

Hi @ekrem, I loved the question you posed. I think that if people are given the opportunity to interact with technology like xprize (hardware or software), it will provide people with the opportunity to learn about projects and ideas that are beyond what they have the opportunity to see everyday. This would allow people to not only learn but to also become inspired to try and create their own small unique projects within their own communities. This transfer of knowledge and ideas could help communities soo much I believe.

Would love to hear your thoughts ??