Household emissions are the single largest contributor to ambient PM2.5 in India

See our recent article ( Since the Govt. of India has already launched a social scheme to provide clean cooking fuel to the economically weak section, its successful implementation would ensure reducing the ambient PM2.5 by at least 30%

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The burning of wood (indoors) for heating is also a significant source of pollution.

[A forthcoming XPRIZE for clean abundant energy (electricity) might solve this.
When is the Energy XPRIZE due to start and end?]

@sagnikdey @akb excellent points. We see the same phenomenon in Northern China in the winter with the burning of coal for heating. However, there are quite a few projects out there already to provide clean cook stoves to families in need, either directly from governments, in an NGO capacity, or even for GHG credits.

As for the “Abundant Energy XPRIZE”, the idea has been floated several times from my understanding. Maybe it’ll get pitched again at this year’s Visioneering 2019?!