Homeostasis Restored


A solution that will analyze people’s capacity to uptake nutrients, as well as the bioavailability of critical biomolecules in their body, and provide actionable advice on how to restore youthful levels.

Why the Need?

During the aging process, the body loses some of its capacity to uptake certain nutrients, like zinc. The levels of other important molecules, like NAD, often decline as well. Low levels of these substances are associated with aging, and their supplementation is suspected to aid in postponing the emergence of aging-related diseases and conditions. It is likely that the loss of homeostasis of these molecules accelerates biological aging. There is therefore a need for a solution that can analyze the body at any given time and recommend supplementation and personalized medicines to restore youthful homeostasis.

Stipulations for a Successful Breakthrough Solution

    The solution must be easy to use, and widely accessible The solution must be as non-intrusive as possible

Promising Technologies for Solutions

Promising technologies include the use of wearables, ingestibles and embeddables to quantify food consumption and equate it with the actual nutrient uptake and weight gain. The data read from these devices will likely be analyzed by powerful AI engines - partly to make sense of the correlations between the different parameters and factors, and partly to analyze visual, auditory and other forms of data that are being gathered from the body and the surrounding environment.

Expected year for proof of concept: 2028
Expected year for mass-scaling: 2033

This is tightly coupled to the well being of gut microbiota and our cells’ mitochondria. I believe that we will see a breakthru before 2028 by startups such as CytoReason.

@OnDigitalHealth, @pspiegel, @“Jun Suto”, what’s your take on this potential breakthrough? Do you think it’s audacious enough to accomplish radical life extension? Is anyone else, other than XPRIZE, likely to do this?