High(er) Efficiency Wind Turbines

Wind turbines today are functioning at approximately 80% of their theoretical maximal efficiency (according to Betz’s Law). It is very difficult to believe that their efficiency can be improved any further with the current build.

But what if we changed that build?

There are other schematics for wind turbines, such as flying ones that should have better efficiency. But can we surpass even that?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

@RegenTower, @skunsman, and @tsamo, you may have thoughts on this. Might there be ways to raise the efficiency of wind power? And would it be a worthwhile topic to explore in our process of designing the next, $10M XPRIZE?

Not sure how to improve the efficiency of wind turbines, but can they be deployed in the top of troposphere, e.g. in jet streams? There are strongest winds in the Earth.

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Hi @gyyang, @ikuzle, @zhangx, @fezzani - Is there a way we can increase the efficiency of wind turbines?

There are some ideas (EWICON & Alexander Bolonkin) that can convert wind energy to electrical without moving parts. Till now their efficiency is considerably less than the existing wind generators. But wind power is VERY depended on wind speed (as V^3) and these ideas could work great for high altitudes because it is quasi-stationar systems. For example, it could be easy combinated with meshes of AirHES, especially because the cloud water drops could transfer the charges to increase efficiency of such electroststic generators.

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I think it’s worth popular resistance to wind energy in this topic. At least here in the Netherlands it’s growing as more and more wind turbines are being built, often over the objections of local populations.

So more efficient turbines could help - we’d need fewer of them.