Happy Birthday Park

Dear All,
My dream is to see everywhere forest but there is the big challenge to save it from cutting.
Then, I came to the idea about the Happy Birthday Park. It is a public land in the municipality where the City Council award a tree for each citizen who celebrates a Zero Birthday- 10, 20, 30,… anniversary. The citizens will plant those trees in the park. And, I hope that they will take bigger care of them as now the trees are personal.
The idea is that afterwords the citizens will go and celebrate their next anniversaries with under their own tree and the park becomes a place for birthday celebrations.
The variety of trees will be chosen by the age which the citizen is celebrating, in a way that for the youngsters will be given long-life trees and for the adults fruit trees. And, the future forest will be mix and colourful.
I’m looking for a place where we can build the pilot. I’ll appreciate any comments and suggestions about my idea.
Thank you!