Happening on the West Coast of Canada - The Symbiosis Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

Work is underway for the creation of an applied sciences Centre for deconstruction/conversion of organics. It is a 4 part undertaking that starts with a comprehensive GIS map showing the location of all animals, farms, farmland, composting, and agri-processors to identify the source(s) of material with upgrading/up cycling potential. it also shows geotechnical data, air and watershed information, aquifer and water table, as well as right of ways, pipelines etc. Everything that is needed to make the BEST decisions. From that we will select the 10 best locations to build a community scale anaerobic digester with a biorefinery (fertilizer plant) attached. We will then launch a competition, and have $10MM to contribute to it’s construction. We also have our gas utility standing ready with a 20 year contract to buy the gas for a super premium. The Centre will be built as a competitions platform with manifolds on every materials transfer position. EVERYTHING will be censored, and all decisions will be data driven. The mission is Zero Waste Agriculture. 2 minute video here. https://vimeo.com/217246302