Green Infrastucture

Seems moving towards green or greener infrastructure is necessary. But this challenge includes many different components. What are the most significant ones in terms of their effect on climate change? What should be the targets for the next 5-10 years, and for the longer run?

Hi @yurimytko, @CO2Solver, @gspm, @AlexIp, @christine.gabardo - What are your thoughts on the challenges involved in moving towards greener infrastructure and it’s effect on climate change?

Hi @Sunbeam, @CO2Cap_SysEng, @marcelschreier, @lauramatrax and @KeithDPatch - As an energy and climate change experts, you may have some thoughts to share on the challenges involved in moving towards greener infrastructure and it’s effect on climate change?

I think there’s a problem in defining green infrastructure, as that means different things to different people:

  • infrastructure that enables renewables (energy transport and management)
  • built environment in harmony with natural elements (water, trees, etc)
  • built environment with low CO2 impact in their construction (eg low carbon building materials)
  • buildings that have low CO2 impact in their use (energy efficient windows, heating)

Defining what is meant would make it easier to identify challenges. Obviously building materials, especially concrete, are major contributors to GHGs and need to be addressed for new buildings. For old buildings, finding ways to enable efficient use is a big problem as many will likely still be in use after 5-10 years.


I’m somewhat of a layperson in this sector, but according to this paper, the main challenges are as follows -

  1. Design standards: Globally accepted design standards for GI (green infrastructure) are scarce.

  2. Regulatory pathways: Very few regulatory bodies around the world have well-charted and transparent regulatory pathways for GI, that can also assess and monitor its effect on the environment.

  3. Socio-economic considerations: Low-income neighborhoods are often ones that would reap more benefits from GI, as green spaces in cities are alleged to have positive effects on wellbeing. These poor neighborhoods, however, usually have less access to GI than more affluent neighborhoods.

  4. Financeability: It is yet unclear how to estimate the costs and benefits of GI, and integrate those into a solid financial plan.

  5. Innovation: As GI is a relatively young field, more innovation is needed to support it and optimize GI’s benefits.

What do you think, @AlexIp

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Thanks @AlexIp for sharing your thoughts. We are at present looking at the challenges which has a significant effect on the climate change. What are your thoughts on these challenges:

  • Reducing infrastructure emission.
  • Reducing/eliminating coal- and energy-intensive infrastructure industries.

Hi @peterk, @ghrau, @JosieAtCapture, @briancady413, @josephjjames, @Ashish - What are some of the biggest challenges in developing green infrastructure? Do you agree with the challenges mentioned by the other experts? Please add any significant challenge that we missed.

I have developed a patented approach to using Bio-Crops to extract large amounts of atmospheric and flue gas CO 2. However, this approach does not qualify for US government CO 2 capture incentives, like 45 Q.

The challenge is to modify certain public and private CO 2 capture incentives to equally support deserving green infrastructure.


Thanks @josephjjames for sharing this insight. Is it possible for you to elaborate a little about your approach and what are your goals / targets for the next 5 to 10 years.

@josephjjames -
Can you tell us some more about this approach? Maybe share the link to the patent here?

Hi @jasonsalfi and @Brad - In your view what are key challenges in developing green infrastructure? Any crucial barrier that we are missing here?

@swihera, you may have thoughts on this as well, given your expertise in green energy and smart cities. What do you think are the biggest challenges in green infrastructure?

We’re looking into this as part of our Global Visioneering program, the goal of which is to identify the best ideas for the next XPRIZE competition. You can find more information about the program here.

@Earthphoenix, you may find this discussion of interest as well! What are the most significant challenges in greening our infrastructure from a climate-change perspective?

This topic also came up in our first meeting with the Energy Brain Trust (meet them here).

Specific points they mentioned included:

  • Community-level care consideration is given to infrastructure and design.
  • All new urban structures are built green.

What are the main barriers to achieving these goals?

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