What can you or your organization give to create universal access to quality education? (for example: resources, time, knowledge, etc.)

The following individuals provided answers to this question during our in-person workshop at the XPRIZE office on May 16th.

Eugine Chung, Enuma, Inc. (Kitkit)

Kate Radford, War Child

  • Comparative data of War Child trials, studies and implemented locations (including learnings, assessments, qualitative data, value for money)
  • Eventually contribute open source software
  • Share experiences on adoption, ministry transfer, implentation efficiency, intellectual property

Jono Bacon

  • Pro bono community growth and management guidance
  • Open source development and participation guidance
  • Building awareness via my network

Jack Mostow, RoboTutor

  • RoboTutor data
  • Educational data
  • Mining tools and expertise

Dr. Nikki Pitchford, University of Nottingham

  • Research expertise in education, implementation, and cognitive development
  • Provide an evidence base for scaling to ensure best practices in different contexts exist

Kevin DeLand, RoboTutor

  • Speech recognition expertise

Josh Powe, CCI/Pubbly

  • We will commit to $100k in development resources to migrate the work of the finalist teams to a web based environment at
  • We will commit 4 in-kind grants of $25k each to create or transform existing content using pubbly for projects aimed at improving outcomes for marginalized learners (and teachers)

Annie Field, Developments in Literacy

  • We have over 20 years experience working in rural, multilingual communities across Pakistan
  • We have a network of 134 school campuses, education over 25,000 students
  • We have partnerships with the government to access thousands of additional students

George Mulamula, Technovate Advisory Services TZ

  • Time and networking resources in Tanzania

All other members of our community, please post your answer to this question here as well!

I can give my knowledge and experiences re the field test we run in Tanzania.

We have knowledge and expertise regarding the field in Iran. We have teachers, linguists, writers, artists, software engineers, experts in child education and development in Iran who are very interested in working with Xprize to make this a reality for Farsi speaking children.

Hi @daniel_miller !
I am currently working as a contact tracer in paterson, NJ. I think it would be amazing to educate mass populations of people on important information (such as covid). With that said, i’m not positive how to implement that plan. But I will happy promote everyone’s organizations that was part of the workshop.