Funding to domesticate trees and perennial plants

Hello, I domesticate trees and perennial plants. I have domesticated the Argania spinosa from Morocco, the Marula from Zimbabwe, the Togo oil tree from the Mideast and I helped domesticate the pitaya and the cereus(cacti). It is very hard to obtain funds and sponsership for this kind of work. But these kind of plants are what could make small-holding profitable. Does anyone have any ideas of how to recieve grants or funds, often small amounts of money to do this kind of work?

I am also working on the domstication of several perennial weeds, superfoods actually that only need a few years of breeding to make them fit for agriculture.

Many of my usual sources of funding have dried up.

Any information or ideas would be welcome to me.

Thank you

Elaine 71

Thank you for posting the question, @Elaine71! I’ve split this to create a separate discussion under Challenges. Maybe other members have any ideas or can share their own experiences?

@Elaine71 can you give us some additional context for these domestication efforts for trees and perennial plants? you mentioned Togo oil tree, pitaya, cereus cacti, etc. - how are these domestication efforts able to drive profitability for small-holder farmers? I suspect it means there are already markets for these food products, but currently production is only through collection in the wild, rather than agriculture?

Hi, everyone,
Can we use those trees and plants for the projects about CO2 emissions? There are many CO2 managing organisations which are using very limited number of tree varieties. I think the best is to engage with them as they manage important volume of resources- capital, land, etc.