Food Safety and Nutrition Metrics (Fish)

In order to ensure that we set audacious but achievable goals in this prize competition, we need to both establish a baseline for conventional fish production and know how plant- and cell-based fish alternatives are currently performing.

As you can see in the chart below, there are a number of gaps (the red dots) in our research, which we hope the community can fill in.

Specifically, we’re missing nutritional metrics for cell-based fish alternatives. Any help you’re able to provide would be much appreciated!

@autumnbarnes and @adacyk, do you by any chance know where we might find nutritional metrics for cell-based fish alternatives?

@NickOttens there is a lot of work going on through Protein Industries Canada right now. I’ve reached out to their team and will update here when I get a response.

Thanks, @autumnbarnes!

@yichengwang, @Johan, @Frank1701, do you perhaps have insight on this topic?

We need figures on the nutritional value of existing cell-based fish alternatives in order to decide what would be audacious but achievable goals to set in the prize competition.

We’d also appreciate any thoughts you might have related to measuring food safety for chicken and fish alternatives!