Finding the Root, Not the Symptom, Covid-19 and a solution to life threatening pathogens

“Aristotle proposed that unwise people react to things whereas wise people inquire about their root causes and aim to derive global principles. The pandemic of the 2019 novel coronavirus (causing the disease COVID-19) has expanded from Wuhan throughout China and has spread to more than 200 countries, with millions of people becoming infected and hundreds of thousands losing their lives to the disease (World Health Organization (2020)). How did this happen, and what are the root causes?” ( Bassam Khoury, (2020 ))

We are still debating if we should blame the bat, It’s too late for that, It’s almost a year and a half ago Is it too late to start looking for a cure ?

Within six months of covid arriving within Africa, the WHO declared on the 11 of June 2020 that “The pandemic is accelerating in Africa – it took 98 days to reach 100 000 cases and only 18 days to move to 200 000 cases.”

With stats like this, it was wise to invest billions into vaccines as it gave us time to work on a solution in the background as we cant continue to rely on vaccines for the next few decades to come, how long would we still tolerate the restrictions if we can bring the change?

The pandemic still affects each person daily whether we like it or not, it is a hard reality we have been facing together. What happens when the next pandemic or world disaster struck?

Do we fight it with sanitizer, masks, and restrictions or do we eliminate the target directly?

Covid appeared in days, within weeks a country was infected and within months the whole world went on a standstill. We survived, many of our loved ones didn’t, a year and a half of covid-19 lead to us rapidly producing vaccines, tests, sanitizers, and masks.

Where did it get us as we still face the threat, But we still have the problem.

This made me realize that it is time to focus on stopping the pandemic once and for all and I found a solution that will change the future of healthcare using an unconventional approach.

let’s hear what the community has to say about the topic, and please reach out if you would like to get technical, as the concept is simple and sustainable, definitely worth chatting about.

My question to you is Roots or Symptoms and why do we choose the symptoms most often?