Favorable Impact of Medical Interventions

A study showing a delay of biological aging measures, behavioral factors such as smoking, obesity, and preventive medication use helped explain who was benefiting from these improvements.

Blood pressure and cholesterol were some of the biological aging markers used in some scientific researches in 2018. In all age groups, those who used medications to control blood pressure and lipids had decreased rates of biological aging.

Reportedly in people aged 60-79, medication use for high blood pressure and high cholesterol was associated with about 72% of the biological age decrease. This validates the impact of elevated blood pressure and lipids is most pronounced in older individuals.

Use of medical interventions shall also help offset the adverse impact of higher BMI in older men.

This sounds interesting. Could you share a link to the study?

@NickOttens Please find as follow:

@arshimehboob could you tell us a little bit more on any promising biomarkers for extending lifespan of healthy adults who do not have issues with high blood pressure or cholesterol? Would you love to hear your thoughts.

Geroscience is in nascent to the progressive stage and many types of research are undergoing to determine the prediction and preventive or delaying biomarkers.

Given the complex nature of the aging process, the biomarkers of aging are multilayered and multifaceted. Quantitative biomarkers of aging are also valuable tools to measure physiological age, assess the extent of ‘healthy aging’, and potentially predict health span and life span for an individual.

Reportedly, Mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses within our cells, rely on NAD to convert food into a form of energy that our cells can use. These power stations rely on NAD as an essential factor to produce the energy our body needs to sustain all its functions. Mitochondrial decline is blamed for the increasing lack of energy we experience in our senior years and NAD helps maintain healthy mitochondrial function.

Combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, reliable panels of biomarkers of aging will have tremendous potential to improve human health in aging societies.

@NickPineault, this may interest you as well.