Facilitation of Trust & Compromise in the Design and Participatory Process

How do you quickly facilitate trust and compromise in a collaborative/bargaining environment?

This can be for the design process or for participatory processes - what are some of the best experiences or approaches you have seen or been a part of? What do you believe are the most important components?

Please share any ideas, thoughts, examples, or experiences you may have in the comments below.

@alexadlp @LisaHomesFund @bngejane @Jefferson @fferguson @RachitaMisra @dpelleti, curious if you may have any input or questions around this subject?

Personally, I see trust-based collaboration as built upon common beliefs or goals, and secondarily an agreed framework and process. I believe strongly in the power of psychological safety, hence the importance of diversity and inclusion, and the consideration of evidence and expert opinion, e.g. the advice process.
Ultimately, trust can only be built through awareness of complexity and the openness to address tensions. Relationships between and within groups or factions must be strong enough to deal with both complexity and tension.
Here is where we can see the importance of good, informed facilitation!

Great input @samanthasuppiah @NickAzer

There are few tools I would really love us to experiment with in terms of building; common beliefs or goals, agreed framework and process, psychological safety, diversity and inclusion, evidence and expert opinion, awareness of complexity, openness to address tensions and they are as follows:

  1. https://www.protea.io/x
  2. https://district0x.io/
  3. https://aponomy.com/

“Protea [x] is an open software protocol that supports emerging cooperative ecosystems. As Protea tokenizes trust and incentivises collaboration, communities can grow”.

“Districts are marketplaces and communities that exist as decentralized autonomous organizations on the district0x Network. All internet citizens will be able to deploy districts to the network free of charge, forever. All districts possess the following core functionalities; Posting & Listing, Search & Filtering, Ranking & Reputation, Payments & Invoicing”.

“Think of the word Bourne meaning Purpose, Goal or Destination. We help individuals and companies find purpose and work towards shared goals. Use a platform where you can communicate your goals and help each other build value. Our society has formulated what is most important right now to eliminate poverty, protect the planet and make sure that all people can live in peace and prosperity. This has been given form in the UN’s 17 sustainability goals. takes these goals and use them as an engine of change for people and companies to find purpose, and start working towards shared goals. In that way, we can add some speed to the spinning wheel”.

So this a suite of blockchain technologies that can be used to enhance trust.