Experts in Global Healthcare

Who are the top experts in global healthcare that we should speak to? Specifically, people and/or organizations that can provide insights on essential health care accessibility in low and middle-income countries.

Hi @a1m2r3h4 and @nothmany - It would be great to have few recommendations from you both on top expert in healthcare in developing countries. Thanks.

Here are some names:
1- Dr. Hussain Jafri from Pakistan <>
2- Kawaldip Sehmi
International Alliance of Patients’ Organisations
3- Dr Ayda TAHA
Patient Safety Unit, WHO, Geneva
Integrated Health Services

Thank you Dr. Alhawsawi for these recommendations. We’'ll definitely get in touch with them.

@a1m2r3h4. Dr. Alhawsawi, thank you much for these recommendations! I love that when we interview them, we’ll gain the patient and patient safety perspective! Much appreciated!

Hello @SArora and @barati - if you have recommendations on top experts/organization in healthcare in developing countries, please share it with us. Thanks.

@a1m2r3h4 Thank you very much, Dr. Alhawsawi!

@RahulJindal - Hello Dr. Rahul,
We wanted to know if you know of any health education expert, who would like to be part of this community. If yes; please let us know. Thanks.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a good track record in global health, please check out Gates Notes and also reach out to their guys. They have a first-principles approach to global health that recognises the importance of a data-driven approach with measurable outcomes.

Bill as a recipient of the 2019 Professor Hawking Fellowship recently did a lecture on Global Health (mostly Africa).

“A few home runs to take note of! are; Infant Mortality is down by 50% over the past 27 years, however, the average figure of 6 million children dying annually as of 2016 is still a relatively high number. The main culprits to infant mortality are polio, diarrhoea & malnutrition. The symptoms of malnutrition are wasting and stunting. Stunting affects 1/5 kids. Stunting is due to lack of sufficient micronutrients, infection & maternal health issues. Death from preventable deaths ranges between 50-70% in Africa, RSA only broke below the 50% mark in 2016. The major culprits are malaria, nutrition & AIDS. Malaria is still responsible for about 17% of deaths in Niger”.

Then you have the three luminaries in the future of healthcare that you must obviously study very closely;

  1. Daniel Kraft.
  2. Dr. Bertalan Mesko and his medical futurist orbit
  3. Dr Raymond McCauley

Thank you @bngejane for sharing these useful resources. We’ll definitely go through it and try to connect with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
In case you know of any health education expert, please let us know. Thanks.

Not people in particular but technologies, that can be developed to AI:
Digital platforms and social networks focused on pregnancy and childcare have been popping up to address this issue, such as Healofyin India, GiftedMom
in Cameroon, and MOBicure in Nigeria. Most use mobile apps aimed at pregnant women and infant mothers, enabling them to monitor their child’s health, and access parenting information and medical expertise.

Health Education:
In Kenya, Baobab Circle provides those suffering from diabetes and hypertension with personalized insights, and the support of doctors and nutritionists on their mobile phone.

Hi @bngejane - Thanks for sharing these organization details. I will definitely connect with them. If you know of any individual/s who have been providing healthcare knowledge / training, please share it with us. We would like to invite them to our community.