eWalker assist to boost the longevity

Perhaps, the behavior of walking and moving on their own foot, next to the behaviors of eating with the strength of their own hands and jaws, could satisfy the potential existence desire for their own life and motive power. From my own experience, I think there is a negative cycle, which “you can’t walk” (won’t walk), “keep laying on a bed or chair at home or hospital”, “lose motivation for move”, “weakened appetite”, and “lose more and more physical fitness”.
Walking is the starting point of life necessary for animals called human beings. Walking does not require intense momentum but does satisfying animals with vibration, muscle movement, stimulation of the brain with a new field of vision, and utilization of the five senses.<br>
Therefore, the proposed XPRIZE idea is “eWalker”. An external power assist device that is non-invasive to the human body. Autonomous machines are innovating one after another especially in the transportation of large distances in the world. As for the last-one-mile, I think the next innovation is just around the corner. I think this idea is the distance from the last-one-mile to the “individual”, or the “last-one-foot”, and the interface distance zone to connect with the last-one-mile.
The eWalker can be put on, put off, recharged and shared anywhere, like an electric kickboard in the town, and of course it can be used in any public transportation without putting off (trains, buses, ships, Uber/Lift, etc…). Of course, you can also own personal one to fit her/his physical condition or needs perfectly.
The target of eWalker users are not only for disabled people and elderly people, but for all categories of human beings to receive assistance tailored to their condition and needs. People who commute to work or go to school or shop, those who want to walk around the park or large garden, those who want to go hiking or trekking, those who want to travel on foot, people who are disabled, people who are visually and/or hearing impaired (with automatic navigation, safety device), workers who often walk around in their building or office…, there are so many use cases we can imagine.
I think this should be based on the exoskeleton type machine. So light, adjustable, flexible and with strong personally adjustable software (AI). The reason for this is because if a vehicle that just get-on and ride is contrary to the fundamental principle of walking, which I mentioned in the first and second paragraph.
Once people are able to walk more easily, become able to walk long distances, or walk as alternatives to cars and motorcycles, this idea certainly boost more vitality of humans to live and enjoy their longer life, which will be enabled with exponential technologies.
Isn’t this exciting?

If there were also some stimulatory ‘feedback’ – perhaps electro-mechanical-muscular – between the exoskeleton and the user’s muscles, then such an ewalker could have therapeutic benefit along with the basic mobility benefit.

@marz62 Very true!! I am dreaming if all people with or without physical disadvantage could wear this eWalker, and move without any difference.