Equity in Health Care

Yesterday we had the first meeting with members of our Health Brain Trust. This is a group of eminent thought leaders and visionaries, who will guide XPRIZE’s work in health, including for Global Visioneering.

One of the topics that came up was equity in health care, and I want to open that up for discussion to see what you all think this should mean and how an XPRIZE competition might contribute to it?

One suggestion was to leverage technology, particularly AI, to reveal biases. (Also see Dr. AI)

Another that may be grouped under this is managing health care with a borderless mindset.

Few more points on this from our second Health Brain Trust meeting today:

  1. Health care should be democratized; accessible regardless of income and wealth.
  2. Policies should support data-sharing, however, data must also be produced ethically and protested, so that people trust it.

@eakinyi, @sarahb, @JCConti, @clddrd, @JoseCordeiro, @Youdufkhan79, @Elena_Milova, @Eun, @Chakra, @goya, @Ewunate, @kkdata, @samriti, @Manoj_Nemocare, I’d love to get your thoughts on this. Especially when we’re talking about a topic like equity in health care, I think it’s important to get an international perspective.

When you think about the world in 2040, how do some of these ideas resonate with you - and, importantly, what would they look like concretely?

  • Leveraging AI to reveal biases in health care
  • Managing health care with a borderless mindset
  • Democratizing health care
  • Enhancing data-sharing while protecting health data

This is part of our Global Visioneering discussions, which will culminate later this year in ideas for the next XPRIZE competition. For more info on the program, please click here.

Hi @sjatkins, @ukarvind and @jpayne5 - We would love to hear your views on reducing inequalities in health.