Energy efficiency and smokeless kitchen in rural mountain villages for better health and climate resilience

While we talk about renewable and clean energy, there is still a large section of the society in rural areas which depend on fuel wood and use traditional cooking (smoky kitchen) which not only consume more fuel wood and degrade the forest but also cause severe health problem and make the ecosystem less climate resilience.
As these communities cannot afford costly clean energy, there is a need to give them low cost locally available solutions like energy efficient smokeless stoves from locally available material.

Thank you for introducing this, @Mehta! I wonder if we should broaden it a little, though?

Maybe “low-cost, locally available energy solutions”?

Or “replacing fuel wood”?

Or “energy-efficient, smokeless kitchens”?

@Mehta - I love the direction you present here, and I agree with @NickOttens : we can broaden it so that it’ll help rural communities in more ways than one.

How about - “off-the-grid energy for every house”, or something like that?

@Mehta this is a good one. low-cost, locally available energy solutions is important. This is one of the main issues with energy in emerging and developing countries such as Kenya.

I concur with you on off-grid energy for every house @Roey