Elimination of PM2.5 pollution

The comments shared in this discourse are very acceptable and doable. However, each suggestion comes with cost. My contribution highlights the path of pollution education. Environmental education is the most needed path to PM2.5 reduction approach. The suggestion plays in these modes:
One, educate the public on the definition of pollution and PM2.5. Number two is about educating PM2.5 generators on the outcomes of their actions. Number three addresses education on PM2.5 affected areas and would be innocent victims.
Number four educates PM2.5 effect on health, property, and quality of life as a vicious cycle. Number five educates PM2.5 on ways of cleaning and containing PM2.5 affected areas, and number Six centers on educating next generations on taking the route to lifestyle that least encourages generation of PM2.5. Costs associated with these are minimal, and outcomes are huge!
I hope I have not over-designed the solution?

Hi @themben, welcome to the community and thank you for your thoughts!

Completely agree that better public awareness through education is indeed a critical part of the problem. Curious to hear your thoughts on how you would mold some of your listed suggestions into an incentivized competition format?