Electrification of Everything

We are at the tipping point for the transformation of many of our most CO2 intensive activities to those that are carbon neutral or negative. These include transportation, buildings and industry. Probably the most challenging of these it the electrification of the chemistry industry which in part is based on the availability of clean hydrogen from renewable resources. This will require a retooling and completely new reaction chemistry for many known chemistries. If this transformation can take place it is possible to have a sustainable energy system.

Hi @b0bbybaldi and @agval - Would love to hear your thoughts on this discussion.

Hi Sashi, I personally don’t believe in the Electrification of everything since there are many chemicals (carbon-free and renewably produced) that can produce better efficiencies and lower costs to their electrified counterparts. Besides, you need always to have reliable and flexible energy storage, something difficult to achieve with 100% electrification.

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@NickOttens Remember that Crazy Idea I once shared with you in relation to this topic?

@Shashi it seems like an interesting idea indeed, nevertheless I do believe we are still far from reaching this point. To add to what @agval mentioned, the immediate solutions would not involve complete electrification or the utilisation of hydrogen as a primary fuel source. Nevertheless, if we look at how history has developed since the times of the Romans when our main source was biomass, it does seem to be the way things are going. Although much depends on the policy, I believe that once hydrogen really takes off and popularizes, then many solutions such as what proposed here to completely innovate heavy energy industries will also take hold.

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Moving this discussion into breakthroughs.