Don't call it a search for "protein" alternatives

The concept behind this prize is very worthwhile and what the world needs. But it should not be couched as a search for “protein alternatives” but rather for “meat alternatives”. Using the term “protein” feeds into many cultures’ obsession with protein (the protein myth - see and others). As has been mentioned, B12 is also required in these foods, but B12 is not a protein. Besides, some whole plant foods have more protein than some animal foods, so are we looking for alternatives to these as well? Clearly not! Let’s call it what it is: a search for “meat alternatives” or perhaps “alternatives to animal products”, to include eggs and dairy, etc. The lists “Companies Selling Alternative Protein Products” and “Laboratories Working on Alternative Protein Products” should be renamed too.

Thanks for your comment, @GregMcFarlane! We have received similar feedback from other experts and rewritten what we believe should be the goal of this prize competition accordingly:

Moved this discussion into General, by the way.