Cultural Context and Language Discussion

Localization is more than just translating into a new language. Cultural context must also be considered.

With this in mind, what cultural contexts and languages would be the most impactful to localize the Global Learning XPRIZE software into?

Once we have identified the highest impact cultural contexts and languages, we will create separate threads for each to further discuss how we will accomplish each localization.

@daniel_miller, I guess there should be a hierarchical separation of localization, i.e. for the user interface the so-called internationalization (making use of the I18n formalism that is already open sourced and can be automated), and for the teaching content a translation with cultural adaptation as you suggest.

Are you looking for establishing a subset of languages to start with, and how would you proceed with assessing the impactfulness?

If I take to context in Morocco, there is 3 parts included in the local context :

  • Dialects
  • Mother tangue langugage.
  • First and seccond foreign language
    so the hierachy for local context should inlcude this 3 possibilites, which will cover different learning needs, and stages, and then give possibility to students to ugrade their learning of the languages as they progress

@drabanus See GLEXP-Team-KitkitSchool/ at newmaster · XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-KitkitSchool · GitHub and GLEXP-Team-onebillion/ at master · XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-onebillion · GitHub

Spanish!!! Easy!

Hi @daniel_miller !
I believe that the US market or “English Language”, is definitely important. Even within the US and other native english speaking countries the need for additional education and resources is needed. If that localization process is successful then I truly believe not only will it have the potential to localize anywhere else, but it will be easier to gather the support needed to do that.

But im also bias haha ? @daniel_miller