Coral Species or Genera For Restoration

Are there specific coral species or genera we should require teams to restore for each coral region around the world? If so, what are they?

I’m not sure how feasible it will be to prescribe this, however it is worth mentioning that restoration of a single species does not a reef make. For fear of stifling innovation, perhaps points could be awarded for demonstrations that include multiple species and genera, as well as multiple reproductive strategies (brooders vs. broadcasters)?

Hi @DanSelz & @HMartell,
I agree that we need to create new species that are allowed to grow wherever they can. While also preserving the species that are left in the ocean. I have no idea what it take to make that a reality but, If coral was able to grow across the ocean again. The biodiversity within the Ocean as a whole will have a better chance of success.

Would love your thoughts ?