Cooling the Earth

The subdomain is inspired by a reference in another thread Constructing a Dyson Sphere or a similar mega-structure in space. To avoid the increase of 2℃, compared to the global temperature before the Industrial Revolution, most efforts are focused on carbon removal or reduction. However, in case these efforts don’t work as well as expected, should bolder methods with no focus on carbon be considered?

I like it. Like the satellite swarm I mentioned in another thread.

It’s nice to see how our discussions help us build new ideas on top of each other.

Giving this a vote!

Despite having watched both seasons of Snowpiercer

@JP_SIG, @jwangjun, @kinshuk, @nemet, what do you think? Is it a good topic for XPRIZE to focus on?

There’s definitely been a surge of interest in this area lately. Intervention at such a scale is bound to have unintended or unexpected consequences. Are there, or should there be, ways to experiment or test such interventions before implementing them?

Wow I wholly agree that this is a super interesting topic. A breakthrough like marine cloud brightening (MCB) could potentially be a great idea or pathway for this. But as @SevagKechichian always rightly notes, extreme care to account for unintended consequences, or finding the right guardrails to prevent them would be critical (for example, mitigating the potential to have negative impact on weather patterns?).

Thought I’d also share the link that got me tuned into the idea in the first place:

Yes, the story of Pinatubo is very inspiring. Indeed, the chance to have unintended or unexpected consequences is the major concern for this type of interventions… In terms of the concern, some people may think methods performed in space provide a better solution, because they only change sunlight flux to the Earth, but not composition of the air. What do you think?

@NickOttens - There are so many books in which geoengineering leads to global catastrophes. Probably lots of movies, too.

If we do decide to advance in this direction, we must be heedful of the fact that the public has essentially been primed against this idea.

Hi @Climatechange, @oureratou, @Bethy, @Idda, @Benoit, @lauramatrax - Given that climate change is your area of interest, you may have thoughts to share on this topic.

@mje1398 and @hh27, thank you for joining the XPRIZE Community! Would love your thoughts on this proposal as well.