Consumption of Healthier Diets

Focusing on the supply side of food is necessary but insufficient to produce and make accessible nutritious and healthy diets for all. Consumption, and the demand side, are equally important for a number of reasons. Among these reasons is that in the absence of demand for it, focus solely on producing healthy and nutritious foods will fail to achieve its goals. While ideally all of these factors should be considered together and as part of a system, for our purposes, we can potentially highlight consumption as a subdomain to investigate its main challenges and issues, while keeping in mind its interdependence with production.

@SevagKechichian - I agree this is an important issue, but isn’t this mostly a problem of the developed world?

Good question, Roey. I think the answer is yes and no. While populations of developing countries are growing, and in particular their middle classes, and increased globalization is bringing fast food franchises to them, the demand for highly processed and/or unsustainably produced food is increasing. This poses both health and environmental challenges, and given the demand, the supply including in developing countries will likely catch up with it.

Thank you. That certainly makes sense.

Based on a list of 8 co-morbidities from the US CDC, with respect to Covid hospitalizations and deaths, the top 3 are as follows: 1. Obesity 2. People suffering from Anxiety disorders 3. People suffering from Diabetes With Complications. Number 1 & 3 seem to be related. This surprised a lot of people. Diet is a Critical Factor in health, vitality, immune resilience, and longevity. The current high volume, corporate, monoculture agriculture that requires large amounts of land, pesticides, water, and fertilizers that produce foodstuffs that are being turned into highly processed foods might not be the way we should be eating in the Western World. Particularly in the 21st century. Climate change will force by necessity innovation and technology as to how we produce our food and how we eat in the Future. Better ideas in Agricultural production and crop & food diversity in the world could make us healthier and less obese or prone to disease in the future. This area really needs work to better feed the world and keep us healthy. Ideas in that arena will be critically important and please lets explore them. Can we add them to the Xprize criteria in some way?

Thanks for your comment, @Lee!

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out our Feed the Next Billion prize, which is challenging competitors to make plant- and cell-based alternatives to chicken and fish.

For the prizes we’re currently designing, diet should probably be a component in Digital Twin.