Compromised resilience, high failure and public health risk

Centralized treatment plants have a large harm radius if attacked, or failure occurs. Non-potable water quality has varying degrees of quality and introduces contamination risk. Centralized grid systems include multiple breaking points, increasing the risk of regular surface discharge.

    Do you agree this is a major barrier to water reuse? Do you know of any specific innovations currently trying to address this problem?

Using one major plant is more risky than using descentralised minor plants in locations. That makes the system function when a catastrophy or else may occur.

Absolutely! That’s why we’re looking to incentivize decentralized water reuse systems.

Do you know if there already are any?

Greenly is one of the systems in the market that can grow or be adapted to different sizes and uses. Please visit

Thanks for your post @GREENLY - that’s exactly why we are so interested in decentralized systems.

Are you (or another community member) aware of any research that focuses on decentralized systems and the local public health outcomes? Is there any research that you can share that demonstrates how these systems have equivalent or additional benefits to communities?

Greenly precisely started using the system in communities in Africa for samll groups of people.

@lpories, @eve_pytel, @R_Beshiri, I’d like to ask you the same question. Thank you!

We are aware of several other researches. We could share them but we won’t. This is planet Earth, we’re not in a movie. Nobody would pay for what can be buyed with a single bullet. Villans win most of the times. People on our planet can’t, mostly, afford technology. If technology is the answer to all problems, we’ll need to change the question. The goal of this prize has been already achieved. I’ve sent e-mails to XPrize but recived no answer from Maxx Echtt. I agree with disappointed comments, because even here democratize access to water doesn’t deserve an answer -no need to say about other places. If you follow building this prize, much better for us. And, please, every M.D. knows that covid-19 is a biological weapon. Is a weapon a health problem? Certainly. No need to treat us as fools, we’re not in a health situation, we’re dying in a war, unless you’d like to call “health emergency” to homicides…