Companies Selling Alternative Meat Products

We have found the following companies that sell alternative meat products:

    Alpha Foods Before the Butcher Beyond Meat BlueNalu Boca Burger By Chloe CPT Capital Field Roast fresh&co Gardein Hormel Foods Hungry Plant Impossible Foods Inc. Lightlife MorningStar Farms Mosa Meat Moving Mountains Native Foods Nestlé Sweet Earth Ocean Hugger Foods Seabirds Kitchen Simply Balanced Sweet Earth Natural Foods Tofurky Tyson Foods Yves Veggie Cuisine

Do you know any more? Please share them here!

Plant-based egg? If so, JUST and Spero Foods.

In my eyes it will be equally important to start a listing on meaningful and interested laboratories in Academia.

Found a whole bunch more, which are all companies New Crop Capital is investing in:

  • [Sunfed Meats](
  • [Kite Hill](
  • [New Wave Foods](
  • [Abbots Butcher](
  • [Purple Carrot](
  • [Next Foods](
  • [Lighter](
  • [Miyoko's Kitchen](
  • [Memphis Meats](
  • [Good Dot](
  • [Geltor](
  • [Outstanding Foods](
  • [Fora Foods](
  • [Alpine Roads](
  • [NUMU](
  • [Aleph Farms](
  • [Dao Foods International](
  • [Benji Vegan Gourmet](
  • [SuperMeat](
  • [Nova Meat](
  • [Zero Egg](

That’s a great idea! Thank you. I’ve started such a thread here.

There’s a great list of food tech startups, courtesy of Orange and Purple Ventures, in this article:

@kevincosta thank you so much for this information.

Van Cleve Seafood Co.'s new line, Wild.Skinny.Clean., includes Plant-Based Seafood- crab-like cakes, ‘raw’ shrimp, breaded shrimp and coconut shrimp!