Circular Food Economy

@crointel brought this up in the Reducing Food Waste discussion, and that reminded me we did a whole Circular Food Economy Prize Design. That culminated in a prize design for food packaging. Here I’d like to return to the idea of a circular economy of food as a potential Global Visioneering subdomain.

That could include:

  • An inclusive and equitable food system: Shaped through, for, and by its diversity, empowering and empowered through the system as a whole
  • A regenerative and resilient food system: Dynamic and responsive through space and time, non-exploitative to increase quality and enable continuous evolution within a balanced and cyclical system
  • A nourishing and desirable food system: Provides viable, energizing, fulfilling, balanced and healthy food-related experiences anchored in culture and identity, enabling communities to thrive in a world of shared abundance

Or should each of these be considered subdomains in themselves, and is “circular food economy” too broad?

@nmgraham, @barbswartzentruber, @neillk, @Ethan - you might have thoughts on this.

(For more on the context to this discussion, check out About Global Visioneering.)

The term “circular food economy” does sound broad, but the three principles seem interdependent. For example, an inclusive food system that produces and distributes unpalatable food may make no sense.

Only the second one sounds germane to the topic.