China turns to driverless tractors, combines to overhaul agriculture

From Reuters:

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It points out that other countries, including Australia and the United States, are taking similar steps, but the sheer scale of China’s farming industry means the stakes are particularly high in its drive to automate agriculture.

There are obstacles, though, including the fact that many farms in China are small. They can’t afford expensive machines and wonder why they need them if they only have one hectare or less to farm.

Very exciting innovation!

This article brings to mind a couple of questions:

  1. What needs to happen to accelerate that 7 year timeline? What needs to change politically, socially, economically, and technologically for us to get there sooner?

  2. Are there ways to overcome the obstacles excluding smallholder farmers from making the most out of these new innovations? Can we reduce the costs associated with new inventions?

Would love to hear your thoughts on these issues! What innovations are you exploring or working on? How do you see them being accessed and used by smallholder farmers?

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