Carbon removal finalists - what went wrong 3

OK the majority of the list is actually various forms of biochar. So the question is really, how did bamboo houses and monitoring make the top 60?

Monitoring (Planet Village) is the canary in the coal mine and bamboo housing is the methane.

Lets have a quick look at bamboo. 1 tonne of dry bamboo is equal 1.68 tonnes of CO2e, assuming that all of the green matter is used and not rereleased or otherwise consumed. Then we need to deduct the emissions associated with transport, offices, electricity for processing. So if you are lucky it is a 1 to 1 conversion. If it lasts.

Its main advantage is the replacement of concrete. But that is an offset and they were explicitly EXCLUDED from the capture rate.

So it seems that there’ s a bad smell coming from the bamboo fertilizer. Particularly when there’s another team using the same material for biochar. How about this, I sell you a bamboo house, then my competitor converts it to biochar and I sell you another one…That should save twice as much carbon.

There’s a story about a two guys and a carbon credit. The first one finds a carbon credit and says to the second “I have a plan to get us both rich. I sell you this carbon credit for 10 dollars, then you sell it back to me for 15, then I sell it to you for 20… In no time we will be millionaires.”

Well as long as the biochar guys don’t blow up the methane in the XPRIZE mine, the counter and Peter Diamandis will both get rich…