Caloric Restriction w/ Lifestyle

Straightforward lifestyle practices have been shown to increase health span. These include the usual suspects that mom always knew: avoiding smoking, exercising, eating right, limiting alcohol consumption, and managing your figure. (see, for example:

With data to back up these intuitive activities, the next steps are to explore less obvious interventions. Caloric restriction is one, though of course it has its downsides. (see, for example:

Interesting series from Dr. Peter Attia’s website regarding Ketosis and Fasting:

https: //

Some new research on the impact of diet on Alzheimer’s:

@toga, @ChristineDiven, what is your opinion on this topic?

If we could deduce which of the molecular consequences of caloric restriction, like boosting sirtuins or NAD levels, ultimately results in the life-extension benefits, we could reap the rewards without the suffering