Building New Learning Health System to Prevent Next Pandemic

Current Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the weakest link in the global public health system regarding pandemic prevention. That is, when a new highly contagious virus strikes in a country lacking transparency but with millions of international travelers in and out every day, and if this country hold the real virus outbreak information for weeks in the crucial early days, then it may result in another pandemic like what we are facing now. Thus, the biggest and most important challenge for the next 10-20 years is not to send people to Mars, but bring people together to prevent the next deadly virus to become a pandemic on our mother earth. I can not imagine that next time it is you or me lying on hospital bed or even no bed like in India now, waiting to be killed by a tiny stinky virus.

To meet this challenge, I propose to try the Learning Health System (LHS) approach created by US National Academy of Medicine about 10 years ago. LHS is the new vision for American healthcare, and it is being implemented by the US HHS. But, I have not seen the full power of LHS yet in any running systems. However, I believe the LHS key design features are promising, especially for creating a global virus response system that can potentially prevent the next pandemic. The first must-have capability in this new LHS is early detection of virus outbreak, for which new AI technologies must be developed to confirm new virus outbreak within a week or so. The second required capability is the built-in rapid dissemination mechanisms that can reach everyone in the world, leaving no one behind. If you like to discuss this challenge, please vote for this topic. Thank you.

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Excellent! This ties in to the Next Pandemic discussion we had under subdomains. @crointel, @sahoo00, @Agent_Aslan, since you contributed there, you may be interested in continuing the conversation here.

We risk jumping straight ahead to the breakthroughs phase. I would caution not to think too deeply yet about potential solutions, but first map out the challenges in preventing future pandemics. Then that might inspire multiple ideas for breakthroughs in the next phase of the program, which could then form the basis for several ideas for prizes.

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Nick, understood. Preventing next pandemic will require several breakthrough ideas.

Our Pandemic Response Challenge AI models gave a comprehensive solution to stopping future outbreaks with AI and a geolocation blockchain based contact tracing system that rewards people to follow municipal guidelines. See a demo here


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