Who can you or your organization bring into our network to create universal access to quality education? (who else should be here, who should be joining this community?)

The following individuals provided answers to this question during our in-person workshop at the XPRIZE office on May 16th.

Eugine Chung , Enuma, Inc. (Kitkit)

  • Joule Power

Kate Radford, War Child

  • UN agencies
  • Funding agencies
  • Technologists
  • Researchers
  • Implementation protocols
  • Data portals

Jack Mostow, RoboTutor

  • Datashop & Datasphere tutor data and tools

Dr. Nikki Pitchford, University of Nottingham

  • DFID EdTech Hub
  • EEF International Programme
  • Broader network of academics in different countries (in fields of data science, human rights, medicine, biosciences)
  • Dissemination/storytelling in scientific and policy-making context
  • Capacity building across sectors

Kevin DeLand, RoboTutor

  • CMU network/community: Human-Computer Interaction Institute; Simon Initiative (education initiative); Experts in Learning Science; CMU Masters in EdTech and Applied Learning Science

Josh Powe, CCI/Pubbly

  • We bring a team of committed institutional designers, writers and editors that can support the design and development of instructional solutions

Annie Field, Developments in Literacy

  • Relationships with members of the Pakistani community (private, public and non-profit)
  • Relationships with members expatriate Pakistani supporters worldwide

George Mulamula, Technovate Advisory Services TZ

  • Knowledge and connections to scale up in Tanzania
  • A place to scale-up and prove sustainability of the work"

All other members of our community, please post your answer to this question here as well!

I can introduce you to my network in Tanzania (local innovators, Universities, private and public sector)

Hi @daniel_miller ! I think the general public would be the best additional to the team. Allowing anyone who wanted to learn about the project and efforts, the ability to I think is the most important aspect of the team. so thank you for allowing me to be a part of the conversation