Bonus prizes

We are considering adding two bonus prizes:

  • **Autonomous restoration tech:** A bonus prize for developing fully autonomous deployment technologies used for coral restoration.
  • **Coral communities competition:** A bonus prize for capacity building on the ground in coral dependent communities to build action plans, develop talent, and create partnerships for effective coral restoration that uses techniques and technologies that come out of the prize.

Please share your thoughts on these prize ideas – and let us know if there are more bonus prize you think we should consider!

At Reef Futures, there was some hesitation about requiring autonomous technology as it may limit job availability in local areas. However there was overwhelming support for a communities competition, or potentially including this piece in the general prize requirements. Dave Vaughan stated there has has not been one natural resource restoration program around the world that has been successful without community involvement PERIOD. The consensus from our Reef Futures workshop was to incentivize community buy-in before the competition and ensure a long-term continuation that spans well beyond an XPRIZE. Any further suggestion on what that might look like, or how we might create partnerships to support long-term community involvement?

In addition to the possibilities mentioned above, do you think any of the interventions discussed in the recent NAS study ( would be a worthwhile bonus prize? Alternatively, are any of these possibilities ones we should definitely avoid using as a bonus prize?

Hi @XPRIZE ! I think that this bonus prize set up is perfect. I think that the prize for anyone who can come up with autonomous restoration tech should be huge. That would advance the effort as a whole and would be amazing. But I think that xprize allowing anyone to be a part of the conversation is the real prize. Good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone, regardless of their background. Providing this platform is an amazing opportunity and i’m sure together as one, the plan to restore the coral reefs will be successful. ??