Alternative Network Effect Platforms

Idea from Vinny Jain (Managing Director, D. E. Shaw & Co.) shared with permission:

· Network effects create value.

· Currently, that value is primarily distributed to shareholders (venture capitalists, executives, etc).

· We can collectively choose to sign up for networks where the value is instead given towards collective causes like Climate Change.

· Can someone create alternatives to Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, eBay, Square, Google where we all just to have to decide to switch our usage to the new platform.

· The reason why we would all switch: full transparency of employee compensation, 100% of the governance is voted on by users (e.g. proportional to their revenue contribution), 100% of the equity is owned communally (with users voting on whether to distribute dividends, which charities to fund).

· Can XPRIZE create a competition where the prize money goes to the team who can most effectively create these alternative network effect companies.

@amirsiraj -
I like this idea, if only because it seems so impossible to me. Overcoming the network effect is not an easy thing to do.

I have a feeling this kind of endeavor may be achieved by way of blockchain technology, and implementing a transparent mechanism which delivers the extra-revenue directly to support certain causes, like mitigating the harmful effects of climate change.

Do you think that might work?

Agreed. Yes — I think blockchain technology could potentially lend itself well to facilitating both the communal ownership of equity, as well as the transparent payment of dividends to charities decided upon by the community.

Note that we now have a topic under Challenges to explore the challenges to achieving this vision: Challenges for Alternative Social Networks

@amirsiraj @Roey where do you see Amazon Smile fit in this? Minus utilizing blockchain (I assume), aren’t programs like Amazon Smile doing a good job allowing customers transparency and flexibility in these causes they want to support?