Alternative Meat and You

Please introduce yourself here and tell us about your experiences with alternative meat products and your expertise in the area.

In the 1980’s we were confounded by the nutritional inadequacy of proteins in our major crops. We scripted DNA and made a superprotein that was 22% lysine, 16% methionine, and its 5 most essential amino acids added up to 69% (two and a half times that of lactalbumin, the protein in milk). At the time, there was no way to put this into plants in high amounts. The technology to do so is available, and the effect of superproteins in crops with their triple nutritious value would change agricultural productivity, and it would be the source of high value proteins for the the production of meatless foods. If such super protein technology is made available to the plant breeders, open source, we will see a revolution in foods and in animal feeds. Crop plants were not evolved for animal nutrition. The food industry has a chance to catch up with the appropriate and available genetic technology to food the world. Don’t let the people who say that it can’t be done, get in the way of those who can do it.

Hi There, my name is Mareya Ibrahim, I’m a chef, holistic nutritionist, author and inventor. I’ve developed many meat alternative recipes and for me, flavor and texture is particularly important, coupled with nutrition. People who will choose a plant-based alternative need to feel and experience something similar to eating a chicken breast or fish fillet, and replicating this without the use of genetically modified sources or too much ‘manipulation’ is important to me. I’m at

Hello! I am a postdoctoral research associate in Psychology at Yale University. My research focus is moral psychology, and as part of that I study attitudes toward cultured (cultivated) and plant-based meat. My work is mostly identifying psychological mechanisms that underpin attitudes to cultured meat, with a particular focus on naturalness and moralisation. I also collaborate with researchers at the Good Food Institute exploring plant-based meat acceptance.

Hello, I am Christie Lagally, founder and CEO of Rebellyous Foods. We make plant-based chicken nuggets, patties, and strips for food service.