Addressing Regulatory Barriers - During and After the Competition

What can XPRIZE do during the Wildfires competition itself, and afterwards through its scaling impact phase, to address potential regulatory barriers - as to ensure that these solutions are actually used or applied in the field to minimize the threat of severe wildfires?

Proposed Prize (click “show” to view):
[spoiler]Wildfire XPRIZE - Rapid, precise and autonomous detection and suppression of wildfires to prevent the loss of life and assets

The Winning Team will autonomously detect and extinguish a spreading wildfire in a large, controlled area in 10 minutes or less.

The prize design:
Each finalist team will be assigned a 1,000 km2 (20X20 mile) grid. On test day, in that grid, XPRIZE will create several small, decoy stationary fires and one hazardous target fire. Once the fire is moving, or reaches 2 meters in diameter, the team will have 10 minutes to autonomously extinguish the target fire and any spot fires, while leaving the decoy fires untouched.[/spoiler]

I.e., inviting decision-makers to witness a safety demonstration of the solutions in the final competition test.

Please share any experiences, thoughts, comments, or ideas you might have!

@NickAzer Get us the spec for existing control processes, so that when this roadmap is at its close, we have already designed systems to be easily integrated. We need to adapt to existing tech, not force them to adapt to us.