About Prize Designs

Advise on the design of our transformation prize competitions!

Designing an XPRIZE competition is both a creative and an analytical process that identifies technological, behavioral, and policy factors to a particular problem, and creates rules and regulations to spur innovation through an incentivized prize model. This process relies on open collaboration from innovators, industry leaders, academia, government, non-governmental organizations, and the general public to ensure the best competition design possible.

We rely on the subject-matter expertise, knowledge, and experience of XPRIZE Community members to:

  • Identify relevant resources
  • Make sense of the existing research
  • Discover and assess emerging and promising innovations
  • Validate our analysis

We call on you to share needed breakthroughs, assess how they solve identified challenges, and help us ensure they are audacious yet actionable to help XPRIZE chart a transformative path for humanity.