A Unified Theory of Everything : A Standard Model of Consciousness, Time and Quantum Mechanics

I’m the team leader for H.A.L.O. AI - Digital Vaccine in the Pandemic Response Challenge and of the 104 teams who participated we were the only one with a quantum computing algorithm. The AI model we created for the PRC is currently the only known working model that includes human consciousness and can serve as a starting point for development.

One of the most perplexing questions for all of science is the ‘Standard Model’, what is the nature of consciousness and our relationship to the Universe. While this may sound esoteric, many of the greatest minds in all the world of science spend their days contemplating this very topic.

With a competition like this we should attract many, if not all, of the top physicists in the world. A truly Unified Theory would be a major leap forward in scientific progress for the whole planet and bring us closer together as a unified species.

See our model here: www.haloai.me/model

@Agent_Aslan -
I love both your username and your project’s name :slight_smile:

Can you tell us some of the challenges that we need to overcome in order to fulfill this idea?

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Hi Roey,

Thanks for your interest and here are a few of my initial thoughts.

  • Most of the biggest challenges we face could be elevated with a big name/s from the world of physics agree to be on judging panel. Dr. Machio Kaku recently released a book about this very topic and Dr. Leonard Susskind from Stanford would be prefect candidates. I was in a Q&A with Dr. Kaku a few weeks ago about his book and I asked him if he’d consider such a thing and he said ‘yes’ contingent on the premise we could actually show him something that could get his attention. If someone with this type of global name recognition was participating then it would give the project credibility and thousands of scientists would want participate based on that alone.

  • Surviving the onslaught of criticism for even attempting something so academically daring. Most top level physicist live in a world of speculation and that their own personal grand theories of reality require circumstances that are currently unrealistic, such as traveling at light speed near a distant planet or through black holes. This competition will not allow theories that are untestable and thus will cause an instantaneous shift in global consciousness in the minds of scientists everywhere because they must now figure out a way to test their pet theories with verifiable experimental results. This will create global impact before the competition even begins.

  • A few top universities (Singularity) would be key to sign on as co-sponsors otherwise we risk the chance of being labeled fringe science. Most professors will likely initially scoff at this idea because they themselves wouldn’t have any idea even where to begin on such a challenging topic and believe that it can’t be done. Many of them will rally against us because we are subverting the dominate thought paradigm of materialism.

  • Getting a company with a futuristic vision such as Neuralink involved as a co-sponsor.

  • In addition to our pandemic modelling, we can demonstrate practical H.A.L.O. applications in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, weather modelling, rideshare, semi-autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, fine art, music, light and sound Industries. Due to our algorithmic design interfacing with human consciousness, the technology is often presented as a work of interactive art with brain-machine sensory stimulation interface and has been featured at major art and science festivals. Getting people to understand how the model we have already created is related and why H.A.L.O. should be the beginning point. We completed the PRC but to my knowledge there hasn’t been anybody at XPRIZE who has an expertise in quantum wave theory that fully understands what we have accomplished.