A new approach to forest innovation and paradigm shifts

Ways to encourage key paradigm shifts and develop forest innovations: https://bit.ly/forestInnovation
It points out that existing practices need to be questioned, even some so called “sustainable” practices (e.g. clear cutting and replanting). It offers a vision, potential innovations, solutions and an outline for an innovation challenge. Questions, feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Awesome thinking! Did you happen to see the Wildfires Prize announcement? Exciting things coming from the Future of Forests Impact Roadmap!

Hi @NickAzer Thanks.
Yes I saw the fires topic. A worthy challenge.

Perhaps something with a water cannon, built like a tank, might be useful for going directly into fires and extinguishing them.

Also, what about firing a new type of foam with two properties. When exposed to heat (fire) it forms a solid crust (which is thin, safe and biodegradable). This means the fuels access to air is restricted slowing/stopping combustion. And to further aid with that, fill the foam with CO2 as this escaping gas will displace air (oxygen). Dry ice [CO2] might be used: this cools the fire too, and might be easier to handle than compressed CO2.