A.I., Automation, and Demographics

In a recent article released by the Brookings Institution, the authors laid out the nuanced distinctions between automation and A.I.

One difference relates to the employment impact each will have based on race and ethnicity:

“AI will also likely have different impacts on different demographics than other forms of automation…47% of Latino or Hispanic workers are in jobs that could—in part or wholly—be automated. American Indians had the next highest automation potential, at 45%, followed by Black workers (44%), white workers (40%), and Asian Americans (39%). Reverse that order, and you’ll come very close to the authors’ conclusion on AI’s impact on worker demographics: Asian Americans have the highest potential exposure to AI disruption, followed by white, Latino or Hispanic, and Black workers.”

What are the implications of these findings in relation to the future of work? For example, Asian and White workers may be most at risk of losing their jobs to A.I., yet they earn the highest median incomes. Does this suggest they will be better able to transition into new jobs compared to other groups (i.e. - perhaps they’re more likely to purchase/afford upskilling education and training)?

I’m interested to hear other ideas on this topic.

@H_Kay_Howard and @ymedan, is this something you may be able to weigh in on?

AI driven automation will definitely displace people from jobs that they currently hold. I see two trends:

  1. Upskilling - acquiring skills needed to develop/run/maintain the new automated systems
  2. Humanskilling - Take care of the social needs of human beings, especially the elderly.

I imagine that most displaced jobs will end up taking the second route. Time will tell.

@ymedan , good to see you here too!

The current literature agrees with what you say. But I wonder what will happen in twenty years, when automation can take over some of the human skills.

@Roey, let me live 20 more years to tell you. But my gut microbiome tell me that humans will elect to decide whether they wish to be cared for by humans or machines, even if the technology may be at a level that allows it.
Anyway, given our age difference, it is likely that you will bear the consequences, whatever they may be.

@ymedan ,
Don’t bury yourself so quickly. Remember - you were my young student, a few years ago.