3D Food Printers

The XPRIZE team was recently discussing 3d food printers and all the possibilities that they would bring in the future. There have been an evolution of all the possibilities from printing sugar-heavy confections to healthier vegetable options, baked goods, and pasta.

Can this type of innovation really solve for the expected population increases of 2050? Do the claims around 3D food printers addressing challenges of food loss and waste ring true?

What else does the future hold for food systems in general?

@pharaouk, @Cory_Brugger, maybe you have thoughts on this topic?

3D printers are interesting for creating unique shaped products, but right now there are many other long standing technologies that can be used for restructuring foods and food components that I don’t see many companies focusing on the capital expenditure.

The most wasted food product in the western world is bread, followed vegetables and fruits which are often too ripen to be sold.
3d food printers is a niche market, but could be a way to use residual food flows to create delicious tasting foods by blending and combining the different ingredients which then can be 3D printed by a food printer through baking and dehydration for crunch and longevity.

Applying 3D printing technologies in food production have a great potential for the layer wise building of food products. 3D printing with the unique capability to use precise amounts of materials in very specific 3D locations, gives food manufacturers the opportunity to make improved or even completely new food products with novel shapes, textures, structures, nutrition and flavours.

The replicator!!! We have been trained for “Sweet and Salty” in North America at least. We can be retrained. What makes me concerned for the future is that I think it will be quite sanitized. I think technology may remove all of the adventure from life. Food experiences, textures, flavors, smells… so good for the soul, but not necessarily for the body. Natural machines is the best I have seen so far on this. Modern Meadows CAN do food, but chose to focus on leather for now. (still very cool!) http://www.modernmeadow.com/ Andras, the founder is an excellent human being.