Scoring criteria

XPRIZEXPRIZE Los Angeles, CaliforniaPosts: 5
We are considering the following three scoring criteria:

50% rate and area of restoration
  • 25% highest restoration rates faster than 1 ha per week
  • 25% largest total area restored

50% coral survival
  • Highest percentage of live coral cover at least two years after initial deployment

5% coral diversity bonus
  • Deploying more than three coral species or multiple life stages or morphologies

Do you believe these are the right criteria? Should we adjust the relative weight of the criteria? Are there other criteria we should add?


  • anupaanupa Los AngelesPosts: 4 mod
    edited December 2018
    As mentioned in the minimum requirements discussion, feedback from Reef Futures suggested we put a higher emphasis on diversity with consideration for regional differences in species abundance, and less on survival-- focusing instead on ecosystem function and future viability.

    There was also talk of creating two scoring tracks, one for sexual reproduction and another for asexual. Any thoughts on what that might look like generally?
  • margaretmillermargaretmiller Miami FLPosts: 3
    See 'Minimum Requirements' comment
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