Listen to XPRIZE Wildfire's SXSW 2024 panel: The Future of Wildfire Detection and Response Technology

Mar 14 2024

In a dynamic exchange of ideas, the XPRIZE Wildfire panel at SXSW 2024 brought together a panel of experts from across fire disciplines committed to revolutionizing wildfire detection and response. 

Rebecca Harned, Senior Advisor for Data and Technology at the United States Fire Administration, underscored the importance of leveraging advanced technology to apply data to adapt and prepare responders and communities. 

Christina Snider-Ashtari, Tribal Affairs Secretary at the California Governor’s Office, emphasized the critical need for inclusive and equitable approaches in wildfire management and response efforts.

Ryan Lanclos, Director of National Government and Public Safety Solutions at Esri, shared that extreme wildfire events are a truly global problem, with data showing their far-reaching impacts.

Jay Stalnacker, Technical Lead for XPRIZE Wildfire, shared not only his role supporting XPRIZE Wildfire teams as they develop innovative solutions for the competition but also his personal experience as a wildland firefighter and the urgent need for new solutions to manage ecologically beneficial fires and stop potentially extreme fires before they become destructive.

Together, these visionary leaders illuminated the pressing need for collaborative action and explained how innovative ideas will end destructive wildfires so that humanity and beneficial wildfires can safely coexist.