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Suzhou, China

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Dr. Wayne Song, C4X team leader, over 25 years industrial and development expertise. Dr. Song will oversee the whole team’s operation, focus on team building, investment, and key technology development.

Trained in chemical, mechanical, civil and material engineering at McMaster University and University of Toronto in Canada, Wayne has been working in the polymer processing industry for over 24 years. He has studied bio-composite since 1989 in Canada. He was the Vice President Engineering of Dura Products International Inc. in Toronto, the first public company in North America which made Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) products. One of the WPC products made is foamed profiles with super critical CO2. Since 1999, he had developed turn-key bio-composite manufacturing systems, especially in China. He is considered the first person on WPC in China. His expertise is also in the technology transfer from university lab. to industrial production and commercial applications.

Wayne is familiar with many plastics, plastics composites, especially bio composite materials, their processing machinery, and the end products. Since 1995, Wayne has been developing polymer nano-composite materials and related technology.

Dr. Wayne Song is Director and General Manager of Ontario-Jiangsu Nanotech Innovation Centre (http://www.nanotech-ic.com), which is located in the SIP (Singapore Industrial Park) Suzhou, China. The Centre was approved by both Ontario and Jiangsu (China) provincial governments. He is President of CCLINK Materials Co., Ltd. (CCLINK) in Suzhou, China, which makes high end Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) products.