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NAD boosters

NickOttensNickOttens Barcelona, SpainPosts: 288 admin
From KHN:
Renowned Harvard University geneticist David Sinclair recently made a startling assertion: Scientific data shows he has knocked more than two decades off his biological age.

What’s the 49-year-old’s secret? He says his daily regimen includes ingesting a molecule his own research found improved the health and lengthened the life span of mice. Sinclair now boasts online that he has the lung capacity, cholesterol and blood pressure of a “young adult” and the “heart rate of an athlete.”

The story does give some reasons for skepticism:
  • The molecules - "NAD boosters" - have only been proven to work in mice.
  • Sinclair is an investor in InsideTracker, the company that measured his age.


  • JessicaYoonJessicaYoon Los Angeles, CaliforniaPosts: 24 mod
    Are there any known negative side effects of taking NAD booster supplements?
  • abarsoukabarsouk Posts: 6
    Vitamin B supplementation (like NAD) has been postulated to increase the risk of cancer. Cancer and aging are opposites molecularly (the former is uncontrolled growth and the latter is cellular stagnation). However, much more clinical research into NAD boosters is required. Two companies, ChromaDex and Elysium, are duking it out in court over the patents to the effective NAD boosting supplement NR.
  • LisaCovingtonLisaCovington Los Angeles, CaliforniaPosts: 38 mod
    Interesting read. Potential ties into a larger, complicated story involving long-term calorie-restriction etc.:
  • RoeyRoey Posts: 66 mod
    This is incredibly anecdotal, and I'm actually suprised that Sinclair is willing to put it all on the shoulders of a single molecule. Can he base that claim on clinical trials in more than a single person, who probably also works out, enjoys the best healthcare services available, and makes use of other treatments and potential drug candidates?

    @ymedan - am I missing something here? Do you know Sinclair personally?
  • ymedanymedan Posts: 77 ✭✭
    I don't know David Sinclair but from some inquiries I made locally, NAD+ supplements may prove useful with people whose Mitchondrial function has deteriorated. It turns out that Mitochondrial DNA does not have a Telomere protection and therefore prone to mutations much more than human DNA. Accumulated over time, it will impair the energy cycle of the cell, which NAD+ seems to reboost.
  • NickOttensNickOttens Barcelona, SpainPosts: 288 admin
    @david, @anastasiyakgia, @Alex, what is your opinion on taking NAD booster supplements?
  • RobinRobin Posts: 2
    Hello All,
    I have to say from the information I have read and the videos I have consumed Dr. Sinclair seems to be a driven promoter. While I believe the science still has a long way to go I actually do take Niagen regularly (along with Pterostilbene and other antioxidants irregularly). While for the most part you could say that the results are unnoticed in a day to day setting during sports ( I run ) I find there is a distinct improvement in my base line cardio performance. I am in my late 50's and based on stats (blood work, blood pressure, heart rate etc) I am easily functioning at the level of a person in their early forties... While NR seems to be doing something for heart/lung functionality it does little (that I can tell) for skin rejuvenation. Any new proven products out there on that front??

  • ymedanymedan Posts: 77 ✭✭
  • ymedanymedan Posts: 77 ✭✭
    A recent research from Washington University school of medicine demystifies the young blood transfusion craze by showing that it is sufficient to extract an enzyme called eNAMPT (NAD) from young blood, in order to reap the benefit.

    Was Frankenstein correct afterall?
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