Kitkit School, from South Korea and the United States, and onebillion, from Kenya and the United Kingdom, split the $10 million grand prize in the Global Learning XPRIZE. Click here to learn more. The open-source software of all five finalist teams is available in GitHub.
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Where are the apps?

drordror Posts: 3
I can't find the apps for One Billion or Kitkit. I looked on the web sites of the winners, and in the Google app store and I can only find a version of Kitkit in Hindi that was created by a third party.

Yes, I can download the code from Github and build my own version of the app, but that's time consuming and many people don't have the skills to do that.

I'd think that it would be a basic requirement to win the prize to provide a working version of the app so people can easily try them out.


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