XPRIZE, in partnership with IEEE, is proud to launch XPRIZE-IEEE Energizing the Future.

This community will begin by collaborating on a new prize design; an ambitious initiative that aims to drive breakthrough concepts towards new systems for the equitable and resilient generation, storage, transmission, and distribution of renewable energy. This project is a new phase in the longstanding partnership between XPRIZE and IEEE that has focused on equity and ethics in technology.

Join the community to learn more about this prize design.


ShashiShashi Mumbai, IndiaPosts: 484 admin
Hi Everyone! Please introduce yourself here. Tell us a bit about yourself and your projects.

My name is Shashi Rai. I'll be managing the online community for this Prize Design. I am based in India. During my time at XPRIZE, I have managed the online community of XPRIZE Clean Air and XPRIZE Gender Data Gap and been a research associate for Water Abundance and Women's Safety XPRIZEs. Prior to XPRIZE, I have worked in HR and Administration.

If you have any community-related questions or need help, please don't hesitate to message here or email me at [email protected]

Thank you for joining the community. I’m excited to learn from you about clean energy future!


  • DavidPoliDavidPoli Posts: 35 XPRIZE
    edited January 14
    Hello XPRIZE-IEEE Energy community! My name is David Poli and I'm the product manager for this prize design. This is my 5th design since joining XPRIZE, and after working on mining, wildfires, affordable housing, and longevity, this project is like a homecoming for me. I studied electrical engineering and physics in undergrad, worked as a control systems designer for power generation facilities, and later as an energy management and sustainable energy consultant for commercial real estate.

    I was very excited when IEEE came to XPRIZE with the idea for a prize that increases access to clean energy to every community. I have to brush up on some of the more technical aspects of the topic, but I'm looking forward to developing a competition that has a huge impact.

    Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions about XPRIZE, my team, the prize design process, or really anything at all!
  • EtiEti Posts: 85 XPRIZE
    edited January 14
    Hi everyone! I'm Eti, the lead researcher on this prize design. My background is in global policy, specializing in global risk and sustainable development. At XPRIZE, I have been working across sustainability topics, including XPRIZE Wildfire, XPRIZE Infinity Water, and XPRIZE Circular Food Packaging - XPRIZE Circular Food Economy. I'm very excited to join forces with all of you to work towards a future of clean, sustainable, resilient, and equitable energy.

    Before XPRIZE, I worked at the UN on Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Over the past decade, I worked with / advised governments, IGOs, startups, and nonprofits across global hubs, including London, Brussels, and New York.

    I look forward to the exciting discussions and ideas; thank you for sharing your thoughts and expertise!
  • JessicaYoonJessicaYoon Los Angeles, CaliforniaPosts: 49 XPRIZE
    edited January 14
    Hello, and thank you for being part of this growing community. My name is Jessica, and I'm excited to be supporting this prize design! Prior to joining XPRIZE , my professional background has been in social services and project management.

    After completing a Masters in Public Administration and joining XPRIZE in 2017, I have been part of the operations team for the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, and have also contributed to designing moonshot-type prizes in air pollution, affordable housing, and human longevity. I'm quite new to understanding the challenges and opportunities in the energy sector and am looking forward to learning a lot from all the experts generously contributing to this forum.
  • Joan_WooleryJoan_Woolery Sr. Project Manager New Jersey, USAPosts: 1
    Hello, my name is Joan Woolery. I'm a senior program manager at the IEEE Standards Association. I'm a Computer & Systems Engineer and I'm passionate about clean air, clean water, clean food, social justice, and social equity. I am proud to be a member of the IEEE family working to reverse and mitigate climate change.
  • RSumnerRSumner Sr. Dir, Strategy & Entrepreneurship New Jersey, USAPosts: 1
    Hello all! I've been an activist my entire life and am excited to be part of a groundbreaking IEEE and XPrize project collaboration that will help to inspire and drive innovation into sustainable energy issues while supporting energy transportation into regions that could find benefit.

    My role at IEEE is multifaceted and often in a state of flux. Currently, I oversee Strategic Planning for the IEEE Technical Activities, a collective of worldwide technically specific groups as well as the staff teams that specifically support the following IEEE Communities: Entrepreneurship, Tech Ethics, Robotics & Automation, and Broadcast Technology.

    Please feel free to also connect with me via LinkedIn and know that I'm looking forward to pushing up the sleeves and solving problems!
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