Need an anti-ageing reboot?

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Story about a Spanish anti-aging clinic in the FT:
...SHA Wellness Clinic, the medical spa that opened in 2008 on Spain’s Costa Blanca. As part of its Healthy Aging programme – already one of the most innovative of its kind, offered in seven- and 14-day options – SHA introduced bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in late 2019.

The clinic’s medical staff, including Vicente Mera, a doctor of internal medicine who’s an anti-ageing zealot, goes long and hard on genomic analysis. Across its programmes it screens for propensities toward everything from colorectal carcinoma to gluten intolerance to glaucoma to osteoporosis or periodontitis. They can do polymorphism analysis of the genes involved in drug metabolism to determine efficacy or potential toxic interactions. And with screenings known as FEMgen, they can carry out a similar polymorphism analysis both of how the body metabolises oestrogen and how it detoxifies oestrogen metabolites, for the purpose of determining whether HRT is a safe option for someone with my family history.

Click here to read the rest of the story and here to learn more about SHA's program.
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